05 June 2007

Luna: Born of Fire

The prevailing theory regarding the formation of our moon goes something like this: Once upon a time, long, long ago, a Mars-sized protoplanet crashed into the Earth. This chunk is sometimes called Theia in honor of the Titan Theia who gave birth to the moon goddess Selene. When this collision took place it caused tons of material from Earth and Theia to be ejected into space, most of which eventually coalesced into our Moon. Because of the violent nature of its creation the Moon was rocked by massive volcanic activity resulting in the light and dark "seas" that we see on the Moon today. And because of this fireball action the surface of the Moon is ashy with occasional charred rocks. Astronauts explain the smell of Moon rocks as similar to that of spent gunpowder. So our Moon was quite literally born of fire. And this got me thinking.

Being a moon-child born under the sign of Cancer I'm a naturally watery person who is quite afraid of fire and fiery people and situations. Although I try to incorporate fire into my ritual work I can't help but feel that fire is almost alien to me. And yet, I have my fire moments. Being bipolar I have more than my share of fire within me, usually of a frightening and uncontrollable nature. And I wonder now if it's been so out-of-control because I've tried to hide from it. Maybe my new found knowledge about the moon should encourage me to embrace my particular brand of fire. But how to go about doing it? I guess that should be my new research project.

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