08 June 2007

Belated Herb Garden Clearing

As mentioned in previous posts, I've been pretty disgusted with our weather, specifically the late cold snap that damaged a lot of plants and killed off the first green spring leaves. Thankfully, some plants I thought were badly harmed have recovered nicely. The trees have, for the most part, recovered and produced plenty of lush foliage. And, wonder of wonders, the herbs in my herb garden have done fairly well too. I had to clear out a bunch of wildflowers that had grown large and stringy. There were other weeds, especially that damned hogweed. After clearing piles of stuff out I discovered that both lavenders have survived.

One lavender plant has only one lonely green stem. The other lavender is fuller and topped by quite a few pale purple flowers. The thyme is still growing quite nicely. And my super duper chives are lush and full as usual. Today I planted three sage seedlings, three rosemary seedlings and one thyme seedling. I know it's a bit late to be planting herbs but better late than never. I've decided that, rather than trying to completely clear out the St. John's Wort, I just need to control it and keep it from choking out everything else. I'm also pleased to say that all the mints are coming along fine. The spearmint and peppermint that grow along the wooden fence have finally had a chance to grow now that the weedeater has given them a miss. And the lemon balm is slowly spreading around its given area; I can't wait to walk through a healthy patch of melissa.

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