04 June 2007

A Rainy Blue Moon

It seems like it's been raining for over a week straight. It's so wet and muddy that no garden work can be done. And it's somewhat risky to wear shoes outside as the soggy ground tends to suck them down. But everything is growing well and the air is crisp and clean, if a little steamy. I like to think of this time of year as the Goddess' way of washing the slate clean, preparing for a new growing season. One of the most uplifting and spiritual experiences is walking through the cool spring rain. This afternoon I enjoyed a break in the rain and listened to nature’s songs: the crickets, the frogs, including a bullfrog for the first time this year, birds of all chattery kinds and the occasional bark of a dog.

Meditating on the sounds of the outside world is one of the simplest pleasures and I fear many people don't take the time to enjoy it and reap its benefits. This full moon I didn't do a full ritual for the sake of the bees. Instead, I prayed to the moon and asked, not for a sudden quick cure, but for the balance between the bees, humans and the rest of the world to be restored naturally in time.

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