18 April 2007

The Joys of Gazing

I have something of a passion for meditatively gazing into various elemental aspects of the world. Living out in a fairly rural area I have a much better view of the sky than city dwellers. There are no big cities around here, only small towns that produce a very dim glow off in the distance. And once I get away from the pole light near our house I can experience the wonder of almost complete darkness broken only by the twinkle of the stars in the black sky. I feel kinda bad for folks who have to go out of their way to see the night sky. And to think, it's only been in the last 200 years or so that cities have produced any light pollution.

Before that, before electricity and TV and internet, there wasn't much to do but gaze either at the sky or into the fire. For millennia untold humans had nothing to entertain entrance and fascinate them but the mysteries of the stars and the dancing of flames. I think these things are good for us to experience. It feels good to my mind, body and soul to gaze in wonder at the dark sky. And who isn't filled with energy and vitality when gazing into a fire? There are also those who are lucky enough to live near water, what a wonderful thing that would be to enjoy. The sight of moonlight reflected on the surface of water is one of the most beautiful and magical sights in this world. And the sounds of water are certainly the most beautiful music known to man. Being a watery Cancer I envy those who live near water. There must be a truly unique vibe to a home near water. I am also equally fascinated by scrying into smoke. It's somewhat similar to watching clouds: the wind makes it curl and waft into all manner of shapes, and is especially hypnotic when seen in a mirror. I consider it a form of divination as it encourages my mind to move past the mundane and into the deep recesses of myself. All these activities are quite simple and involve nothing but a comfortable place to sit and a bit of patience. And yet they help me reap such great benefits, keeping me in tune with the elements and the spirits of the land and sky, I consider myself lucky to live here in this area and on this Mother Earth. What forms of gazing do others enjoy, I wonder.

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