22 April 2007

Updates and the First Spring Plants

It's official: we have one hummingbird visitor! Finally! The first one was sighted yesterday; I didn't see it 'til today, a female in the back yard. Even though the ground is covered by little green spring leaves the hummingbird gives me hope that we may have a normal spring after all. I just hope the trees can recover. My herb garden suffered during this last cold snap as well. The lavenders are stiff and dry and the st. john's wort looks like it's been gutted. You might say that I could have saved my herbs by covering them with sheets/tarps but we had sleet and freezing rain so it wouldn't have made any difference. The weather has steadily been improving this last week so we're hoping the cold is done with us. I've also been forgetting to mention the vegetable garden.

Lettuce, radishes and onions have long since been planted and more onions went in the ground today. The weather has prevented the planting of the potatoes; hopefully they'll get done this weekend. Others seeds waiting for the right time include limas, okra, beets, corn, cucumbers and peas. The first of the starter plants were also bought Friday: tomatoes, squash, cabbage, zucchini, Mexican heather (a decorative herb with sweet small pink flowers), verbena and a couple varieties of pepper.

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