25 April 2009

Nerdy Joygasm

Gillian Anderson, the X-Files star, is being lined up to appear in a forthcoming episode of Dr Who, it has been reported.

The 40-year-old, best known for her role as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully in the sci-fi drama, is expected to be cast opposite the new Doctor Matt Smith.

Doctor Who's makers want the London-based actress to appear in a one-off special episode as a deadly enemy of the Time Lord


You can't see me but, trust me, ever since I first read this article I've been doing an inner, and sometimes outer, happy dance. I LOVE Gillian Anderson. I think I was fated to love The X-Files and nearly everything about it. I mean, really, how many people share their first name with an X-Files episode title? (50 points if you're geeky and lucky enough to guess it. Real life friends, all three of you, don't get to play.) I even love Anderson in The House of Mirth and not just because I like the book; she's just a great Lily Bart. And as much as I love Doctor Who I've been less than enthusiastic about the new doctor since he's so incredibly young. I imagine many in the Whoniverse are wondering if this twenty-something can pull off portraying a dark god of over 900 years. But Anderson's inclusion in the series, even if it is only one episode, is enough to convince me to keep my hopes up about the new series.

This is mostly clips from the first movie with "Exit Music (For a Film)" by Radiohead, which is on OK Computer. Video made by YouTuber ilx2002.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I'm no modern-day tv buff-- don't watch it at all, in fact. But loved the x-files. be worth a peek, this episode, though!

Have a good weekend, Lady Indica!

Griffin said...

Well David Tennant seemed too young for Dr Who as well, but he did a pretty good job of it.

Gillian Anderson was a brilliant Lady Dedlock in Bleak House too, even if the book had been brutally edited. The young clerk in Bleak House played by Burn Gorman (a brilliant actor) was in Torchwood the Dr Who spin off too. So it makes a weird kind of sense for Gillian Anderson to be in Dr Who. Shame she's playing a villain tho'. Still she does a great glare!

Livia Indica said...

Cygnus, oh yeah, love The X-Files!!!

Griffin, I've never actually seen the original Doctor Whos but I've seen pictures and clips on YouTube. Tennant IS way younger than the original. I'm kinda wondering if the trend to choose progressively younger actors to portray the Doctor is part of the Timelord mythos. Who knows?

About Anderson and the Whoniverse: the article says that she's currently doing a play with Christopher Eccleston, how's that for coincidence!? Or symmetry, or something! And wouldn't it be cool if Burn Gorman appeared on Doctor Who? The gal who played Tosh was in an episode (or two?), Jack was on it of course and Eve Miles was too. And Ianto appeared on one too. That would only leave Gorman!

Griffin said...

Oh you have GOT to see the originals! Jon Pertwee was always my favourite Doctor. It may be possible to order them from the BBC shop or on Amazon. They were not as sophisticated as they are now, but the imagination of them was wonderful.

They have got 'younger' over time. Don't know why, possibly to appeal to a new audience.

Anderson and Eccleston... now he wasn't a bad Doctor! It would be excellent if Gorman appeared on Dr Who... actually he would have made a terrific Doctor himself.

Livia Indica said...

One day I'll get the funds and start collecting the originals. I wish they'd show them on BBCAmerica but no such luck.

I miss Eccleston. Don't get me wrong, I like David Tennant, but I was disappointed to see Eccleston leave.

Griffin said...

Yes, me too. I thought he was doing brilliantly... and then he went!

Livia Indica said...

Yeah, I read he left cuz he didn't want to get typecast which is a very valid reason when it comes to such a fan favorite.