26 April 2009

Finally Spring!

I saw my first hummingbird of the year the day before yesterday. I saw my first indigo bunting of the year today! It's finally warm enough that I've actually felt genuinely hot while busy working. The colors of spring are bursting forth all around us: pink and white dogwoods, the whites of cherry trees, the soft purple of lilac and the muted yet brilliant purple-pink of the little redbud trees along the driveway. According to Riverwolf all the bright colors of spring prove that April is the gayest month and I think he might be right. When else do we see such brilliant hues from the Earth Mothers palette?

The spring air is simply luscious! The scent of fresh cut grass and the spring flowering plants fill the air. Here on Windy Hill we always get a heavy dose of the perfume of spring and I'm really appreciating it. Our winter was so long I think I'd forgotten the wonders of the fresh green smell! There's nothing finer for me than walking the dogs in the yard and soaking up all the green. I let my hair fall down and the wind does its best to carry it away and I just love it! For an interesting and insightful wind-related blogging check out Aquila ka Hecate's Trees Genuflect Before the Wind.

While we've got a lot more gardening yet to do this spring I am happy to report that our radishes (above) and lettuce (below) are sprouting up nicely.

Our main garden still needs tilling as our 5 year old tiller has quit on us. We're hoping to borrow or rent a tiller without breaking the already stretched thin bank. My witch hazels along the back fence are gaining height which pleases me immensely. As per our custom we'll wait another 2 weeks before bringing out the plants that over wintered under the grow lights in the extra back bedroom. About that time we'll also purchase and plant our favorite potted plants like impatiens, petunias and marigolds. I'm so looking forward to it. This winter held on with a tight grip and I am very relieved to see it leave. I'm looking forward to dirt under my nails and fresh produce from the garden.

May your spring be blessed and portend a glorious summer!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

oh WOW! Beautiful Pic's Livia!

When the dogwoods bark out their blossoms, it is SO ON, Spring!!!

I'm stoked to get this kind of 'live' update from the hills wherein I'll reside someday...

Thanks, Lady Indica! SWEET PICTURES, GIRL!!

Livia Indica said...

The lettuce and radish pics are actually a few days old. They're big enough now that we'll be eating them in a few days.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...


I had baked potato(store-bought, unfortunately!) with chili-- but topped with fresh garden onion, tonight!
i tell ya, walking out the path to collect the allium was.. well, i'd be hard-pressed to find a more rewarding pursuit!

Glad to hear the "EAST" is finally dawning in them Magic Hills, Lady...[ East, to me, =Spring...]

Hope you garner something from tomorrow's Meditation post-- Every Moon's Day from hence for'ard, Lady Liv! And Indica-inspired, sure!!!

Blessings of Spring, o pagan One!!!

Livia Indica said...

Ah! Indica inspired! I'm dying for a smoke!

Riverwolf, said...

Here in the Grove, we finally had a 2-day sunny weekend--perfect for planting, tilling and so on (of course, our tiller broke right in the middle of it, so to be continued...). It feels so good to be outside and putting energy in the earth! And I finally managed to roll 2 large quartz rocks that were dug up a while ago into my Sacred Circle--they make surprisingly comfy seats!

Livia Indica said...

Glad you had some nice weather Riverwolf. It sure does suck when the tiller breaks down. It seems to be seriously expensive to repair. Wow, those must be some great big quartz rocks; I'm jealous!