28 December 2008

A Prayer to Eris

To be quite honest, this past year has sucked, royally. I don't usually include personal stuff on this blog cuz I often find it dull when others talk about their personal lives and, thus, don't want to bore my own readers. But godsdamnit to hell, I've had enough! Our finances, which were more or less fine a year ago, have been driven into the ground by drug addiction (not mine, thank you very fucking much), our family has been stressed to the limit by the aforementioned addiction and its related lies and associated drama and to finish the calendar year off, our pipes have frozen and then blown up. It's been a helluva year and a helluva holiday season. So, in the hopes of receiving some mercy and a better year (and to make up for my apparently too casual discussion of the goddess Eris) I'm sending up this prayer to Eris. These phrases did not come from me, partly because I've no talent for poetry but mostly because my own phrases these days are chock full of expletives and I don't think Eris would appreciate them very much. So, I'm offering up words from Anna Livia Plurabelle (don't ya just love that name?) from Book of the Goddess.

Sing now, my muse, of the Goddess of Chaos,
Arising from primeval Quantum foam born,
Goddess of Entropy, Goddess of Anarchy,
She who creates and destroys innumerable cosmos
In the gap between dawn and the rise of the sun,
She who dances between unseen fractal dimensions,
In a small still place all enfolded in storm,
Where tempests so huge, lighting rends open the quasars,
So massive no light escapes from her shroud,
She who sunders our soul from our sweet earthly flesh,
And brings us rebirth with her ghastly sweet breath,
Lover of Death and Lover of Life,
She dances a dance on the edge of a knife,
A gulf of ten thousand light years on each side,
And She never misses one step in the dark,
Singularity bound, in a teardrop of light,
Cocooned in the smallest, suffused in the largest,
Immortal Chaos wreathed with broken planets and dust,
Thy name is Eris, world shattering Goddess,
We ride your wave breathless and are towed under again.
Singularity Goddess, you approach inverse zero,
Still more drowned worlds loom in Thy billowing shroud.
Asleep and awake she dreams our creation,
The sound of a bell in an dark empty cavern,
The scent of a rose in a room long abandoned,
The dance of the motes in the eye of the Goddess,
The touch of a breeze in the heat of the noon,
The taste of wine from an ancient tomb offering
She is there always, and not there ever,
Look and you will miss her,
Close your eyes and she is before you.
Most terrible and most beautiful name of the Goddess, Eris!

Please Eris, I'm begging you, some relief, please!!

Edited to add: You might not believe it but approximately 5 seconds after I published this post I heard a yell from the back of the house: "You have water!" Yay! After a few frantic hours scrubbing, mopping, washing this and washing that I've almost dug us out of the filth of the last week.


Griffin said...

"approximately 5 seconds after I published this post I heard a yell from the back of the house: "You have water!" Yay!"

So that will be you singing in the shower then?

I'd be very careful about invoking Eris - she's trouble. And when I say trouble I mean a lot worse than me in a book/chocolate/shoe shop. Much worse.

Also, she doesn't do relief. She does the overturning apple carts and kicking over traces and such.

You want relief, call on Athene... or Morpheus. Or the nearest cake shop.

Celestite said...

I believe it.
Now that you have appeased Eris, find a slightly more peaceful goddess and see what other help you can get.

Rose Weaver said...

Nice poem to Eris. I may have to use that myself. Relief is most definitely required. ;) Hope things ease up for you.

Livia Indica said...

Griffin, yeah I know. But I'm not really invoking Eris, I'm just asking her to leave me be and move on to her next victim. Oh, believe me, I've called on multiple other deities for help in this situation. And *knock wood* it looks like at least some things are improving.

Celestite, You bet I will!

Rose Weaver, thanks! So far some things are getting better.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Glad some relief came about...
Often for me "airing the grievance" is a catharsis of sorts. may not (ok hardly ever) stop(s) the problem, but clears some of the funk out of the way for more practical focus on the issue...


Livia Indica said...

Cygnus, yeah, bitching about things doesn't make said things better, but it sure goes a long way to relieving some of the stress of the situation. Thanks for stopping by.

Brian Charles said...

Sorry to hear about your year - I hope that the return of the sun brings more light into the darkness, and that you find the jewels that can be found there.

Griffin said...

Livia, I too hope Eris goes away...hmm, there's a Republican Nitwit in Alaska she could visit...!
Oh drat, I couldn't wish that on her... or she might hear me and come around here...!!

I hope you have a much better New Year without too many reasons for airing grievances.

Livia Indica said...

Brian, thanks. I appreciate your positive thoughts.

Griffin, yeah, I don't know if I'd wish bad things on Alaskan Barbie, she knows how to handle a gun. Here's hoping the new year is better for all of us!

Greg Fletcher-Marzullo said...

Damn, I hope things perk up. Loved the "airing of grievances" post, too. Sometimes, my husband and I, when in the middle of a project that we hate start out by saying, "Okay, five minutes of bitching. Go." It's amazing how that clears the air of some of the muck

Livia Indica said...

Hey Greg. Things aren't perfect but at least the house and its inhabitants are a lot cleaner. 5 minutes of bitching, that's a good idea!

Moonroot said...

Here's hoping for a better year next year for you. Peace & Blessings.

Livia Indica said...

Hi Moonroot! Thanks for your wishes, I appreciate it!