27 December 2008

Airing My Grievances

The always amazing Hecate has turned me on to a little thing called the Airing of the Grievances which is a part of Festivus. Apparently this holiday was spawned by the insipid show "Seinfeld" but I don't care. I think we need a chance to get things off our chest. George Carlin once did something similar with a list of things he said he was "bored with, tired of and pissed at. So get ready for a little free floating hostility". So, I'm going to do the same now that the holidays are mostly over.

1. Fucking pipes. No, not pipes that fuck, but rather water pipes that burst after thawing from a freeze. In a time when people can live in space, we can crack the human genome and share orgasms with people on the other side of the world why can't we have water pipes that won't freeze and blow the fuck up once they thaw?

2. Unoriginal content on blogs. Come on, folks, we all include some historical information or poetry on our blogs but can't you say anything original? Yeah, it's nice to include the history of this tradition or that god, I do that too, we all do. But don't you have a sincere opinion about said material to go along with it? I have no respect for folks who do nothing more than copy and paste an encyclopedia entry and call it original. Pisses me off.

3.Lazy people who get angry and turn self-righteous and sanctimonious when asked to do something. So you don't want to expend energy on something difficult? So what? No one wants to work their ass off for nothing but we do it anyway. And, somehow, we manage not to grumble like pouting children who don't want to pick up their toys. Life IS work, anyone who tells you different is selling something. Get over yourself you lazy, do-nothing sack of shit. Don't be a waste of space; prove you're worthy of life.

4. Finally, my last bitch is for Israel. Ya know, I don't care that we're supposed to be allies. I don't care if the formation of the country of Israel was a sign that I will soon be left behind. I don't give a shit. 225+ people, mostly policemen but also civilians, are dead. Over 700 have been injured. And for that you suck.

There, just a few things that are currently boiling my brain. And, now that I've bitched a bit about them, I feel a little better. In fact, I think I may make this a recurring event on this here blog. What's pissing you off today?


Aquila ka Hecate said...

I air my grievances far too often, I suppose some would say.
It's good for the soul to get that stuff out of the house and trotting around the neighbourhood sometimes, though.
Terri in Joburg

Cygnus MacLlyr said...


Abso-fuckin-lutely LOVE your post!
You SHOULD make ranting a regular... we all need catharsis, and why the hell else write?

YES, to offer our OWN opine on some given topic. Couldn't agree more:even if you express naught but a repetition of the bleating masses' opinion, do so in your own words... or stick to merely reading.
Glad you feel better. :) Seems something in the air today-- a lot of folk hissy, pissy and just generally worn down.

It's (part of) the cycle. Nice to see you so poignantly went with it!
Have a good eve.


Marion said...


I agree...Life is work. I once read "the work is to do the work". Good one, I think.

Sorry about your pipes...I hope everything is fixed now. And I'm so glad you wrote this post...sometimes you just gotta vent! And what better place?

It's Christmas...always a time of heightened emotions for me, as well. Take care of yourself, dear Livia!

Livia Indica said...

Aquila ka Hecate, I don't think there is such a thing as too often when it comes to getting things off your chest. Especially in your case as you often write about important societal issues.

Cygnus, Yeah, you're right. Even if all you have is your own thoughts it's better to share that that just regurgitate what someone else has written. Yep, it always happens this time of year. Most of us are nearly sick of dealing with our own families and the general headache of the holidays. And now we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief since most of that BS is over.

Marion, I like that phrase too! Well, we've spent a bunch of time and money on the pipes and we still have no water. This house, and its inhabitants, are getting grungy. At least we have lots of jugs to fill at friends' houses. Thanks for stopping by, hope your holidays have gone well!

Griffin said...

Yeesh. We had our boiler go Kaput which meant no heating/hot water for three weeks before Crimbo. I think I did most of my ranting then, but it was part of a bigger grievance.

I hate things that are poorly designed and made as if it didn't matter so long as the makers got your cash off of you.

Definitely with you on the original material stuff. I have always tried to make every tale I wrote different from anything I ever wrote before. If not, what as you say is the point?

I'm not sure I think that life is work... and I'm not selling anything, honest!! But the very thought that people cannot do the work they love instead of stupidly pointless work - estate agents, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents (and don't even get me started on the betting scam that insurance is) that makes me angry, defiant and resentful.

Israel... o good grief. The Israel/Palestine situation is proof that even grown-ups don't know how to grow up and think. A curse on both their houses. All those people dead because some half-wit decided to think with his dangly bits instead of his brain. I am being charitable and assuming those people have brains. Well it is the Crimbo season. That Israel only does what it does because the US backs it up is a grievance too. It's not the Promised Land, put the Bible down and grow up.

Oh that feels better.

Livia Indica said...

Hey Griffin, I wouldn't have minded so much doing without electric heat, we have two fireplaces and two kerosene stoves out in the barn, so that wouldn't have been so bad. But this house, with all our animals, just got so dirty without any water. Yuck, it's gonna take days to get us back to our original clean state.

Now that I think of it, I'm not sure that life if work either. Perhaps I should have said, "you can't get through life without a lot of work" or something like that. Unfortunately, most of us have to do work that holds no appeal for us, but I guess that's what keeps this world functioning, if that's the right word.

And you're right, the situation over there is pointless bordering on the completely insane. I wonder if it'll ever get better.

As always, thanks for visiting!