27 June 2008

Thoughts on this Initium Aestatis

I blogged last year about my introduction to the goddess Aestas, the Roman goddess of summertime. Initium Aestatis is the Roman celebration of the arrival of summer but it hasn't felt very summery around here yet. I haven't felt that Aestas has truly returned. It's gotten steadily steamier and the plant life has certainly greened as it should. But we've had few truly hot days. We had such a rainy spring and early summer that the weather stayed cool. And here we are and it's nearly July and I've only rarely felt like jumping into the pool. I wonder if Aestas will arrive soon or if our summer will be a cool one altogether. Of course, we use air conditioners and staying inside all the time will make it seem like summer hasn't arrived but I spend my fair share of time outside and it just doesn't feel like summer yet. So, I'm going to be doing a little rite to help bring on the true firey heat of summer which is a little thing I like to call "blowing stuff up" to celebrate the fact that I don't speak with a British accent.
Above, a mosaic of the Greek summer horai, which is a rough equivalent to Aestas. (I don't include an image of Aestas because I've never found one.)

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