28 June 2007

Initium Aestatis

Today is the Roman festival of the beginning of summer. It is the sacred feast day of Aestas, the tutelary goddess of summertime. She is an obscure goddess who may have been a pure invention of Ovid. He describes her as standing near the throne of Phoebus, god of the sun, along with other representations of time such as the other seasons, day, year, etc. She is portrayed as naked except for a garland made from ears of corn. She is so obscure I couldn't find a picture of her anywhere.

On this day I will make prayers and simple rites to ensure a rich and abundant summertime for myself and other aspects of my life. I hope to improve my physical health, mostly by losing extra weight, and improve my mental health by learning to better deal with my fiery rage. I also hope that our gardens continue to grow and thrive. I have meditated on Aestas and found that she is indeed a distinct goddess, I felt her today when a summer thunderstorm made a sudden appearance. I could feel her cleansing my mind and spirit as the wind and rain whipped around and against me. It was a magical moment and a memorable meeting.

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