23 June 2007

Garden Updates

Our vegetable garden has been doing pretty good. We had a nice crop of peas and potatoes lately, yummy. There's also been plenty of leaf lettuce and a little spinach. We've also had a few beets and carrots. All yummy stuff. The corn, okra and pumpkins (which are in their own garden) have been growing like wildfire, mostly due to the extremely rainy week or so we had a while back. Unfortunately my herb garden is not doing so well. The newly planted herbs were almost completely drowned by all the rain. Out of the dozen or so individual plants I planted a few days before all the rain the only one still thriving is a small thyme. Otherwise, the herb garden is doing okay. The st. john's wort, what I didn't pull out in order to preserve the other plants, is thriving and blooming. It actually began blooming over a week before St. John's Day but I'm not complaining.

The older and larger thyme is looking good with lots of pretty little blooms. One of my older lavenders, the one I accidentally yanked out by the roots, appears to be totally dead. But the other has quite a few lovely light purple flowers. And the chives, ah, what can I say about my chives? Even when threatened by that frikkin johnson grass my chives are big and gorgeous, the most successful plant I've ever grown. Hopefully this weekend I'll get some more weeks torn out, I did a bit yesterday but picked a hot time of day to do it. I also spent some time pulling weeds from some large pots that had some grass encroaching on them; I have since moved those pots to better places. While I was watering one of the front yard beds a lady goldfinch tore me a new asshole; she must have had a nest nearby. I tell you, it's quite a weird experience to be watering pretty petunias, begonias, impatience and marigolds with the harsh bitching of a pissed-off mama bird blaring in your ears.

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