26 March 2008

My Own Personal Inquisition

The last couple of weeks have been downright hellish for me and yesterday was the worst in some ways. And as the the day finally wound down to a close I thumbed through my witches datebook to realize that yesterday was the historical date on which the Inquisition was established by papal bull. How fitting. It's been really shitty to say the least. And I'm worn out in just about every way. That's why I'm not blogging much lately. But I'm still here and planning to return to regular blogging eventually.


Aquila ka Hecate said...

Strength to you, Livia.

You will get through it.

Terri in Joburg

Livia Indica said...

Thanks for the encouragement Terri. Things are looking up already.

Enchanted Wings Jewelry said...


I have just discovered your blog and am finding myself going through all of your past blogs. I love it all and am so happy to have found you! Please continue to blog, I am adding you to my list and am looking forward to your next entry!

Sia said...

Hang in there :-)

If you need some support, you are welcome to join us here:
Spiral Steps

all good things,


Livia Indica said...

Thanks enchanted wings, I'm glad you found me too and am very flattered.

Thanks Sia, I'll look into it.