20 February 2008

Eclipses I've Missed

I swear that almost every eclipse that has occurred in my adult lifetime has been totally obscured by clouds. I can distinctly remember only two lunar eclipses that I actually was able to observe and enjoy. They're fascinating, awe inspiring and beautiful. I've often considered working some ritual magic during a viewable eclipse but have never had the opportunity since eclipses are usually hidden from me. So many times, like tonight, I've had no chance to see it. I've always attached significance to eclipses, either of the moon or sun, but have never been quite able to define that significance. It's a seeming miracle of our solar system that heavenly bodies can be completely hidden by the shadows of other heavenly bodies. Eclipses are a miracle of perspective and a testament to just how small we are. As a neopagan I consider the movement of all the planets and moons to be important and this is twofold. I have an interest in astrology and how the heavenly bodies can affect human lives but I also simply think events like eclipses, equinoxes, etc., are important to the planets and moons themselves. These things are markers of time, hallmarks of age and progress. But that's a big mouthful to say that eclipses and the like are magical. If you have the opportunity go out and see at least part of the eclipse. Enjoy it, honor it.

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