31 August 2007

Bush Apologizes to Snubbed Wiccan War Widow

FERNLEY, Nev. (AP) - President Bush called a Fernley military widow on Thursday and apologized for her not being invited to a private meeting earlier this week in Reno, when he met briefly with the families of fallen Nevada soldiers.

The president's phone call to Roberta Stewart came a day after White House and military officials said her exclusion from Tuesday's meeting was an oversight and not an intentional snub because of her Wiccan faith.

Las Vegas Sun article

Call me cynical, you would be right, but I don't quite buy this as sincere. The White House invited the parents and siblings of a fallen soldier but not the widow? Please, spare me. I'm from cow country and I recognize bullshit when I smell it. I'm sure Roberta Stewart wanted to keep the peace but I wonder if she really thought Holy American Emperor George was sincere in his apology. Personally, I'm not buying it. In 1999 he told ABC News: "I don't think that witchcraft is a religion." And while I recognize that people can change I have a very hard time thinking that 'ol Shrub could have a change of heart of this magnitude. He hasn't changed his mind about mutilating our Constitution nor has he changed his mind about torture and wrongful imprisonment. He still doesn't care about the people of New Orleans or the innocents of the Middle East. Of course now he says that he won't discriminate against any religion, he probably still doesn't consider witchcraft or Wicca or paganism to be real religion so he can say whatever he wants. Maybe this is his way of extending an olive branch but I'm holding out for something better than a half-assed phone call after the press and photographers are gone.

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