30 August 2007

Herb Garden as Jungle; Tomatoes

Since I was totally out of it for weeks with the bronchitis, as was my whole family, my herb garden has become a huge stand of tall weeds. It's been so hot I haven't even been able to make myself go see if there are any herbs left at all. Instead of trying to pull all the extra growth out I think I'll have to tackle it with the weed eater first, then try pulling out the remainder. I'm serious, if I had a working digital camera I'd post how awful the herb garden looks.
In other garden news, our tomatoes were doing well up until a month or so ago, but in the blistering heat they've all but stopped producing. Today's crop consisted of a basket filled with mostly banana peppers, a dozen or so green peppers and 6 tiny little pitiful tomatoes. *sigh* I know we're not the only folks who've had their tomatoes peter out in the horrible heat and dryness of this summer. Speaking of tomatoes, Marion at Herbal Connections has a wondrous post up about dreams of tomatoes; please visit for rapturous visions of tomatoes and perhaps a tomato goddess.

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