16 October 2007

Hope and Doubt for Our Fate

Despite the best efforts of many the overall situation is not improving. Most conservatives continue to disregard the land and the water and the air and the animals in their calculations. They still see the Earth Mother and all its various forms of life as a means to an end, something to tame, something to control and produce profit. I wonder what these kinds of people see when they go outside. Do they see the sky? Do they smell the air? Do they notice when the creatures of the air migrate to warmer climes? Do they recognize the seasons as anything more than a time for a change in dress? Do they feel the rush of energy during the spring? Do they feel the magic of high summer? What do they feel when there is a full moon or an eclipse, or when a new species is discovered or another iceberg melts away? Do they feel the storm coming?

Do they feel the gathering dark and recognize its threat of violence? There is trouble brewing on the horizon and no matter what positive changes take effect in our lifetimes it may already be too late for us. The Earth Mother will of course go on no matter what we throw at her. She may have fewer living children and her atmosphere may be irreparably damaged and the land may be covered by water but she will carry on dancing through space around the sun. And there is some hope for us too. If we eventually do reach a point when our planet can no longer support human life there are other possibilities in our solar system. In time we might be able to colonize other planets or moons. The technology is not there yet of course but it is growing by leaps and bounds and may reach the required level before we manage to kill ourselves. And the environmental cause here on the Earth Mother is making some gains but the opposition is so great and powerful it is questionable whether the efforts have come too little too late. And while I have some hope for the human race as a whole I can't help but doubt that we will be able to continue to live on our Earth Mother. I doubt but I hope.

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