18 October 2007

Autumn Thunderstorms

We've had thunderstorms, tornadoes and a rainbow in our area lately and a baby copperhead snake in the living room; it must be an Ozarks autumn. I know it sounds weird but I sometimes enjoy thunderstorms. The tornado that wreaked havoc and destruction just a couple miles from my house was frightening of course but aside from that, I love thunderstorms. I don't like the hours before the storm when the air is tense and crackling with energy and people and animals sometimes get antsy and jumpy. I've had too many arguments in the 24 hours before a big storm to like pre-storm madness. But the storm itself is exciting as hell!

I enjoy standing outside and watching the lightning and the thunderhead get closer. Then the wind picks up and begins to whip the trees and wind chimes into a wild frenzy. Then the lighting gets close enough to produce bone-jarring thunder and the rain pelts down so hard it hurts. When it's all over the clouds are still amazing and provide vast expanses of awe-inspiring magnificence.
During the night last night our power was out for a few hours but not as long as we were anticipating. I like it when the power goes out, for a little while at least. There's no TV blaring, there's no internet to get lost in and there are no obnoxious lights. There are only candles in the dark and the blowing wind and falling rain and rolling thunder. During the lull between two storm systems I sat and watched the clouds drift over the moon.

I was lucky enough today to get a mild rain shower shot with the light of the setting sun. I'm always on the lookout for rainbows during rainy days and today I was not disappointed. I didn't get to see the full bow but it was impressive nonetheless. I got chilled walking through the pouring rain, in bare feet no less, but it was worth it.
As stated above, I don't enjoy tornadoes, but I respect them. All the same, I'd much rather have a thunderstorm sans tornadoes. The wind, rain, thunder and lighting are enough to fascinate me and hold my attention. I don't think I'll ever get tired of thunderstorms; I'm sure they'll always fascinate me.

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