04 August 2007

Lughnasadh, Harvest Celebration

The Celtic god Lugh, the one of every skill, originally intended this holyday to be a funeral feast for his foster-mother Tailtu. During this time in historical Ireland there was a 30 day celebration in which Lugh and he consort, the nature goddess Rosmerta, were worshiped. Since then, this day has become the first of three harvest festivals within neopaganism. I didn't get to celebrate the calendar holyday with my group as me and mine are under the weather and probably will still be sick when the astronomical day comes around on the 7th. We did, however, get to enjoy the first harvest of our corn on the calendar day, the 4th. And what corn it is!! Sweet and delicious!
For me, this time of year has always marked, not only the first corn, but the onset of the most consistently hottest time of the year. The plants love it, as long as there's enough water around, and everything is growing like wildfire. The days and nights are steamy and misty, the air is full of bugs and their songs, the gardens are producing lots of fresh wonderfulness, and the sprinklers, pools and air conditioners are in full use. Temperatures and electric bills are high but as Janis sang: "the livin's easy". It's a time to get out in the sun and pick some produce then go back into the cool house and eat it. The hobbit in me is very happy, even if the mosquitoes like me like I like fresh corn.

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