13 August 2007

Illness and Magical Energy

I've been sick with bronchitis and, as much as I wanted to, I haven't been able to drag myself to my altar to even beg for healing energy. There have been times when I was sick but not so sick that I couldn't work a little magic to help speed my healing. But not this time. I was so sick that I did what I only do when I'm really ill. I became so emotionally and psychologically drained that I broke down and had a good cry or two. I always do that when I'm really sick; I feel depressed and sad and just feel the need to cry.

I don't know why exactly, other than that there is some obvious mind-body connection within me but that it might be messed up a little. Does anyone else get like this when ill? And what are your thoughts about ritual work during times of sickness? If it's physically possible is it even advisable? I tend to think that it should be avoided unless absolutely necessary because it just seems logical that any magic performed would be automatically weak and therefore have little effect.

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