28 July 2007


Furrina is an Italian goddess of springs. She is therefore a goddess of fresh water but also of the underground sources and movements of water. She is a water and an earth goddess who, while usually making it possible for people to survive, is not always benevolent. Sometimes the water dries up or simply cannot be found. Sometimes there are floods or tainted water. This festival is related to the celebration of Neptunalia and Salacia 2 days previous. Our sources of fresh water are honored and celebrated on these days, especially since drought can take hold during this time of year. It is a time to ensure that gardens and other plants are getting enough water. It is also a time to pay attention to one's own water intake as well as that of animals. These are the dog days of summer after all, it is the most consistently hottest time of the year. It is a time to appreciate our springs and give thanks to Furrina for blessing us with her bounty. To learn more about Furrina and her recently discovered grove, visit this great page.

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