27 July 2007

Beets, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Oh My!

Our fridge crispers are all full of veggies: peppers of all kinds, onions, beets (some of which have already been canned) tomatoes and cucumbers. And that's saying a lot since we have 3 refridgeraters on this place. The cucumbers are wonderful, small, with few seeds and very flavorful. I can't understand why some gardening folks let their cucumbers get so huge when it's silly to do so. Great big cucumbers are inedible, they're hard, chock full of seeds and they taste like crap. The same goes for eggplant and zucchini. They only place for them is the compost pile.

I recently learned a hard lesson. For small plants along fences, and other places that get the weed eater, I really need to mark them with red bricks. Otherwise my brother just does not see them. He chopped down both my spearmint and peppermint as well as the transplanted ivy and a couple of other small, young plants. Well, at least we have a small pile of unused red bricks that was left here for us when we moved in. I won't make the mistake of not marking small plants again, that's for sure.

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