28 March 2007

Ostara Celebration

We had a really nice time celebrating the return of spring on Sunday. We had another simple ritual and we also worked a little egg magic. Lil' Red provided ready to hang plastic eggs with various symbols and runes on the outside and wishes inside. Then we hung them on the trees around the house. Not only does this activity have a pagan history, it has a local history as well. Egg trees were considered by some to be protection against witchcraft; it's not clear what kind though. I think of it now as something of a good luck/fertility charm as well as protection from negative witchcraft or magic. While we were walking around we also enjoyed seeing all of our spring flowers blooming. I could kick myself now but it didn't occur to me to make a bouquet for the altar. Thanks to this article from Northwest Arkansas, found via witchvox, I got a great idea for some more egg magic.

We took plastic eggs and filled them with various items: a penny for prosperity, a vitamin for health, candy for the sweetness of life and rosemary, sage, lavender and a small piece of quartz for garden growth and positive energy. The idea is we'll carry them around with us, or keep them close to us, for a few days and then bury them, like seeds, so that these things will grow and manifest in our lives. We each brought food such as homemade bread, deviled eggs and fresh veggies. V. brought a chocolate cake with a gorgeous icing green man. If possible, I'll post a photo of it. We ate outside and, even though it was pretty windy, we had a very pleasant time listening to pagan music, eating and visiting. It was a great way to celebrate the return of spring: ritual, magic, food, music and my good friends and a beautiful day.

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