30 March 2007

More Clean-up Work

Over at Blog o'Gnosis there's a great post about how preparations for Beltaine begin at the equinox. I realized that's true as I started pulling weeds and planning the look of the ritual area just days after the equinox. I've started clearing out those ugly brown reed-like things and am looking forward to having a huge pile of compostable weeds to show for it. I've decided that I will have to move the st. John ’s wort after all; it's already taking up about a third of the garden. So, after our last cold snap, I'm gonna plant it along the privacy fence where it can just go wild.

Of course, it won't grow as well as it does in the compost filled garden, but at least I can keep my entire herb garden from being taken over by it. I've also started planning other things, like moving the ivy out of the sun-drenched oregano pot into a more shaded area. Right now though, the main job ahead of me consists of continuing to clear out all the extra weeds and dead leftovers from the ritual area and garden and trying to get things looking a little tidier. Just doing that will take me a while, but I know I'll be happy when it's done.

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