05 April 2010

Spring: Flowers, Critters and Blog Templates, etc.

Grape Hyacinths
So you may have noticed I've been playing with my template, backgrounds and stuff around here. What can I say? I recently got a nice, fully functioning, big ass monitor (from some great friends!!) and can now enjoy all the colors of the rainbow. Also, Blogger just unrolled their new Template Designer in Blogger in Draft and it is very nice. And fun. And addictive. But, more to the point (and there is one coming, just hold on) it's Spring!

All the warm weather critters are returning with the birds coming first. In fact, birds are returning in droves these days. We've had the mourning doves for about a week and their song is only second to the whip-poor-whil. Our local mockingbird returned a couple of days ago and, when he's close enough to a bedroom window, makes for an efficient and enjoyable alarm clock.   Every time I step outside I see more birds and even saw one squirrel which we don't often have around here. Haven't had a snake yet but it won't be long. The pond frogs have been serenading us for a few weeks now and it's truly glorious.

Lilacs and Tulips
There are spring flowers popping up all over in old and new places. We've got all of our expected things putting on a show but we've got a stray lilac or tulip here and there. Looks like our daffodils are done, the lilacs are still going and the tulips are just beginning to show off their rainbow of colors. All kinds of things are popping up: wild violas amongst the grass, gorgeous bright yellow dandelions and the wild rose bushes are putting out lots of growth. I can't wait to float in the pool and smell the gorgeousness of their scent waft over me. Warm weather can't come soon enough for me this year it seems. And I know why.

Now that my family situation is so much more healthy and happy than it was up until last fall I'm just looking so forward to life and living. My family was locked in a deep, dark hole for a long time, myself included. So I'm loving having freedom to have a life and friendships and goals and hopes to actually look toward.  I've been locked up too long. I, more or less voluntarily, did the hermit thing for nearly 30 years and spent the last two or three too scared to hardly ever leave the house. And now I'm done with that.  I'm stepping out of my cage.

I'm making new friends, pagan and non-pagans, left and right and, for the first time in my life, I'm actually enjoying hanging out with people. It's still a rough ride as my social skillz are pretty rusty but I'm having fun. And it's great. I'm drinking up the sun because the better times have arrived! If you have the means I highly recommend enjoying some beautiful weather and time outdoors and just plain 'ol good times with those you love. Enjoy the springtime, my fellow northern hemisphere residents,  for it comes but once a year!


Maebius said...

Happy spring to you, from upstate NY. I like the new layout too. It's very springy. :)

Livia Indica said...

Hey thanks Maebius! I'm glad you like this template; I like it too. That's no guarantee I'll stick with it for more than a few days but we'll see.

Marion said...

I can feel such joy emanating from your post, Livia! I am so happy for you...I wish it was Spring here. It snowed last night and is quite cold. But the tips of the daffodils are showing, so Spring will have to arrive soon, I hope!

Livia Indica said...

Yep, I'm feeling pretty good about things! And if the daffodils are showing up you should hopefully be warm soon!

Griffin said...

Coo! You have Daffydowndillies too! Now you can wander lonely as a cloud...to see friends and have a cuppa!

Glad you're up with the spring sunshine, here it's still cool with a chill breeze under the warm winds. But it does look like it may warm up for the summer.

Stay well m'dear,
Much love, the Griffin