08 August 2009

Easter Egg Colors in the Sky

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These pink clouds and powder blue sky made me think of Easter Eggs for some reason. Not the right time of year for such a thought but a nice image nonetheless. I like how the darkness of the trees help to frame the clouds; the darker clouds at the top and bottom serve to complete the effect. Looking back at my photos over the years I seem to have a love for framing clouds either with other clouds or trees or both. Not only does it look nice (usually!) but it's a good excuse not to print something out and frame it with matte paper-which I always found to be a huge pain in the butt back in the day. Anyway, enjoy the pretty.


Lady Grace Dreamweaver said...

You have such a beautiful site! And I love the sky-blue-pink clouds. Such a feast for the eyes!

Blessed be!

Livia Indica said...

Thanks! Glad you like it!