25 May 2009

A Green Study in Light

Click for larger version.

Here's two different versions of the same view of the yard and trees, taken seconds apart. One, the darker image, was taken with the flash and the other, obviously, with no flash. It's just something I've been experimenting with. I don't have a great camera so I'm trying to learn what I can do with what I have. I like both images but I feel the darker image more clearly conveys how I feel when I'm in this area of the yard. Most of these trees are pretty old and have rarely, if ever, been trimmed. They are wild and woolly and create an almost forest-like atmosphere. They are somewhat dense and many have branches that almost touch the ground. This is only one view of this area of the yard but I think it's a pretty good indicator of why I love it so much: it's the nearest I can get to a forest, that's why I love it so much.

P.S. Sorry the sizes don't match, I got a little shrink-crazy after uploading.

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