06 April 2009

Spring the Green Man

Click for larger version.

This is really creative journaling and expresses my frustration regarding the local weather. I'm tired of being cold and am so ready for spring so I just went with it. The flowers and trees came from magazines and the little green man pendant comes from a new age catalog. All the inverted colors are just my way of trying to make a collage I wasn't truly happy with a little better. I think the look also speaks to the duality of our weird weather consisting of two or three days being warm enough to wear shorts and sandals and the next night temps dipping to around or even below freezing. It's also just fun to mess with stuff like that.


Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

messing around is always fun! thanks for your comment, I will be back often to check in, I like your style and ideas, I too am a pagan witchy fat chick with red blood and a green heart, just following my bliss and hoping it all works out.

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

one more thing - look at Monday Oct 6 on your ink blog - that's my man, and you can find my name in there, too.

Livia Indica said...

Hey Em!

I remember you now, your fella has some nice ink!