05 April 2009

Sacred Snakes

Click for larger version.

This collage was made on paper slightly too big for my scanner so I had to photograph this hoping it would turn out okay. I'm not really happy with the quality of the image but pretty happy with the collage itself. The text, if you can make them out, are lines from a haiku of Singh. At any rate, I'm gonna be purchasing smaller paper for my future collage efforts so as to avoid the obvious problems of glare and lack of focus.

The photocopied image of the statuary is Laocoon and His Sons dating from about 100 BCE. The little female figurine, partially obscured by the glare, is a Minoan snake goddess found on Crete. The little snake head underneath Laocoon's son is Jörmungandr the Nordic world serpent. There's also a tiny Medusa on the bottom and the stone relief serpent near the top is either Aztec or Mayan. I honestly can't remember and forgot to write it down. The photo behind said serpent is a shot of some jalapenos from our garden from a few years back. The snake photos on the bottom were from a Missouri Conservationist snake pamphlet.

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