13 December 2008

Tree of Happiness Award

Griffin from over at Snapper and the Griffin has given me an award. Yay! His blog is really unique and full of fabulous short stories. Go visit it, go, go right now. And then come back after you've perused it for a while and signed up to follow it.

First, the rules of the award:

• Link to the person who gave the award to you.
• Post the rules on your blog.
• List six things that make you happy.
• Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
• Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
• Let the person who awarded you know when your entry is up.

Okay, six things that make me happy, in no particular order.

1. Kisses from my furbabies
2. Seeing my mom smile (She doesn't do it nearly often enough.)
3. Positive feedback from my readers
4. A full moon on a clear night
5. Internet radio
6. Blogging

Okay, now for the six bloggers who make me happy.

1. Aquila ka Hecate an anarcho-primitivist from South Africa
2. Essais, a pagan college student with great insight into life's lessons
3. Herbal Connection written by a great, wise lady
4. House of Inanna written by a devotee of Inanna with lots of intelligent things to say about gender issues throughout history
5. Necropolis Now written by a great pagan author and artist
6. So This is Wonderland a beautiful pagan blog written from the Hawaiian perspective

Whew! Done!


Aquila ka Hecate said...

Posts up, Livia! Thanks!

Terri in Joburg

Marion said...

Thank you so much for listing my blog, Livia...I look forward to reading the blogs you've listed during Christmas break...they are all interesting and well written.

I love the title...Tree of Happiness!

Livia Indica said...

You're both very welcome!!

Beverly said...

Thank you so much dear Livia, you made my day! The post is up at:


Livia Indica said...

Cool! You're welcome!