21 June 2008

Drowning in Rain

We've had so much rain this spring and early summer that it looks like most of our garden either washed away or rotted in the ground. What has come up is very, very spotty. And most of my herb seeds didn't sprout and the few that did died of the shock when I moved them outside. Mother Nature apparently doesn't want me and my family to have much home grown produce or herbs this year. So, while I'm pretty damned depressed about that fact I'm trying *TRYING* to see this as a good thing. Maybe since none of my herbs turned out I'll have more cause and chances to learn about the wild plants in my local area. And maybe since our vegetable garden isn't going to be very special this year we'll still have a few fresh things from the local farmers' market. I do wonder, however, how other gardens around here have weathered the damn near torrential rain we've had for weeks now. It seems like every week it's another 4 inches. As a watery soul I love rain but even I am sick of it. Sick, sick, sick of the rain. I guess the trees are benefiting as are the other wild herbs and flowers, which is a good thing. I'm just very bummed out over all our gardening plans going to hell. It's kinda set the mood for this summer: depressed and not feeling very green at all. But I'm trying to learn more about wild plants, as is evidenced by my recent bloggings, and hoping my general mood will improve.

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