24 April 2008

Spring Has Finally Sprung

I think it may be for real this time. I think we are finally done warming up and then cooling way down again. The hummingbirds have arrived and everyday more spring flowers have bloomed. Speaking of flowers I'm looking forward to May with great anticipation as we've had tons of rain lately (tee hee). The warm spring air is delicious. To paraphrase Treebeard: I could stand a week just breathing. The sunshine is glorious and the trees are covered with little bright green leaves. I can feel the juices flowing through all things when I step outside. It seems the grass is racing with the other plant life as fast the birds are returning. The last two days I've had a great time birdwatching, especially since my most favorite bird, the Indigo Bunting (pictured above), has been hanging around. The air is full of birdsong and it's fun to try and distinguish different calls. Yesterday we had two geese fly overhead, their honking calls made me think of peacock song. Good news on the gardening front: most of the peppers have sprouted as well as the pennyroyal. I'm considering a new location for my herb garden as the current spot gets way too much rainwater and it pools and drowns everything. So, I've got some planning to do and then comes the work. But I'm ready for it as spring has finally sprung!
Photo from www.learnbirdsong.com


Aquila ka Hecate said...

What a gorgeous birdie!

Beware the Pennyroyal - if you allow it to get away from you it may just take over an entire bed. Mine did, but the upside is that we have dried pennyroyal to make ant washes for years to come - it really does work to discourage the little formic critters.

Terri in Joburg

Livia Indica said...

Oh yeah, I learned that lesson with peppermint and spearmint a few years back. All mints now go along the fence and not in the garden. Thanks for the tip about ants, that's good to know!

Marion said...

Livia, I'm completely envious of you and your weather. As I write this, snow is falling, and Spring seems further away than ever!

Livia Indica said...

I'm hoping our weather stays nice as we had frost a few nights ago. Surely spring will find it's way to you eventually.