16 April 2008

Kick-Starting the Engine of Spring

We've had several luscious days around here lately. The problem is the nice days are broken up by days when the temperature has been nearing 40. So, most of the spring flowers have bloomed and the grass was mowed for the first time today but I'm still wary. I have to admit though, walking through the yard today was lovely, especially with our spring flowers blooming.

This is phlox, a delicate little flower that will spread over time.

Since my last post I've started a bunch of seeds for our gardens. So far, Calendula is the only herb that's sprouted along with four kinds of tomatoes: Giant Tree, Box Car Willie, Jelly Bean Hybrid and Old Brooks. Yet to sprout are the following peppers: Filius Blue, Medusa ornamental, Canary bell, Black Pearl ornamental, Sheepnose Pimento, Mini Bell Chocolate, Alma Paprika, Tri-Color Variegata and Poinsettia. Now I'm just being a good daughter by trying these seeds as I don't eat peppers, they're nasty to me. Also started were cayenne peppers, skullcap, pennyroyal, stevia, valerian, common comfrey and Kochia (burning bush). It's quite a list and I'm hoping they do well.


genexs said...

Spring is starting to be assertive around here as well. A wave of crocuses has come and gone, and my hardy cacti are starting to perk up. The pitcher plants are showing signs of life, as well. Hops have not poked their shoots up yet, hope they are ok.

Glad you are doing better. Btw, I like your tat.


BBC said...

Interesting blog, interesting name for it. But I live next to a spiritual park and often post about it.

Livia.... Terri thinks about a lot of stuff that doesn't matter because she studies too much stupid monkey crap.

Still, she is on track on some things, she just needs to stop reading so much and start thinking for herself instead of letting these monkeys as much as brainwash her.

The hot springs
More hot springs

BBC said...

I'm a freethinking hillbilly, Roman pantheon-devotee,

Interesting statement. America is the Roman empire reborn and relocated in America and posing as Christians. And America will fall just as Rome did.

BTW, I'm part hillbilly country hick also. Part hippie, part redneck, part of everything.

Peaceful paths to you.

BBC said...

One more comment. Witches don't scare me, they have no more power than I do. But I like it when they dress up sexy.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Welcome back Livia!

Don't worry about Billy-he's a good guy.

Terri in Joburg

Livia Indica said...

Gene, a pitcher plant, how exotic, very cool. Thanks, I like my new ink too! Thanks for the comments!

BBC, You've got a mouth on you don't you? That's just the way I like it! You are quite right about the parallels between ancient Rome and modern America. I'm now wondering what will spring from the ashes of the downfallen U.S.

Aquila ka Hecate, I could tell he's harmless and full of fun. Thanks for the welcome back! It's good to be back in the blogosphere!