10 December 2007

Lux Mundi

10 December is sacred to Libertas, Roman goddess of Liberty. She is The Light of the World as her torch of hope burns everlasting. Originally perceived as a goddess of personal freedom she later became a goddess of the Roman state. Temples to her have been found on two of the Seven Hills of Rome on which the city was built, namely, the Aventine Hill and the Palatine Hill as well as numerous others. She is often depicted on Roman coins with a pileus cap worn by slaves when they were set free as well as a laurel wreath and a spear.
I was almost born on July 4 and would have been named Liberty. It's strange but I dreamed last night that I told someone this and here it is, the day to celebrate Liberty! It's funny how our minds work. I'd already read about Lux Mundi so part of my brain decided to remind me. I take this is a sign that I should strive harder to enjoy my personal freedom and not be closeted and stifled so much.


genexs said...

This is a bit off-topic, but a friend just got a job at a currency exchange were they also sell rare coins. She told me they have the ancient Greek coins with the owls on them! They are expensive, but it would be great to have one gracing my altar!

Btw, added you to my blogroll. ;)

LiviaIndica said...

Wow, that is a good idea. A real ancient coin for an altar piece. Very cool. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Now I'm off to visit your site!