02 November 2007

New Evidence in WM3 Case

Way back in 1993 three 8-year-old boys were found hogtied and murdered in the West Memphis area. If you remember the early 90s you'll remember that Satanism was the crime de rigueur for a while there and this horrible crime was one of the low points during that hysteria. Due to the ages of the victims, the supposed ritualistic nature of the crime and the fact that the genitals of one of the boys were mutilated Satanism was the first conclusion the investigators jumped at. The killers were either witches or Satanists in the eyes of the police and the media. And after nearly brainwashing one of the suspects, a borderline mentally retarded man, with lies and horror stories he confessed and fingered two other young men. There was no forensic evidence and the investigation was a joke fueled by community outrage and fear. And even though Jessie Misskelly's false confession didn't jive with the actual crime, mentioning weapons that weren't used for example, the three were convicted. Now, after 14 years of new evidence surfacing and witnesses retracting their statements Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelly and Jason Baldwin finally have some hope of vindication and release. From KTHV West Memphis:

One of the convicted murder's lawyers says DNA evidence gathered after the killings does not match the three men imprisoned for the crimes...Thursday in Little Rock, Riordan introduced multiple DNA test analysis from dozens of pieces of evidence.
One of those was a hair found at the scene not belonging to those convicted, but rather matching Terry Hobbs, the step-father of one of the victims...Defense attorneys also say these new evidence links David Jacoby, a good friend of Hobbs to the scene.

Now I'm not saying Hobbs and Jacoby are guilty but it sure makes a whole helluva lot more sense that the DNA of the murderer(s) would be present. After all this time there is cautious cause to hope that the West Memphis Three might one day see the light of day.

This has been a very important case to many people for many reasons, especially the neopagan community due to occult overtones of the allegations of the so-called investigators and media. For more information and viewpoints of the WM3 case from the neopagan community visit the WM3 page at Witchvox. The best site for information about this case is Free the West Memphis Three

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