14 November 2007

Mama Says Om: New

The Mama Says Om theme is the only meme I've ever been able to consider. So, here goes! The theme for this week is "new". I always heard that phrase "when the new wears off you won't like it anymore" in relation to many things: toys, pets, school supplies, etc. And there is a certain fascination with new things fresh from the store. New things are very often shiny and sparkly and sometimes have that weird plastic-y smell that so delights the consumer in all of us. But aside from that, new pets and other non-plastic-y things are just so fun and interesting. They're new; they're fresh and undamaged, clean and pristine and untouched by others' hands. No one else has made their mark on it, it has no scuffs or booboos, no one else has gotten their claws into it. The furry kind of new is a precious kind of new as no one has had the chance to bond with the animal, they feel no loyalty to any particular person and are usually eager for friendship and cuddles. And as nice and dandy as all the above sounds I have to wonder about the soul of new objects. I don't necessarily mean all objects are animate, though I know all animals are, but I have to wonder about the time and feelings attached to a particular object. I can't remember what it's called but there is a certain psychic ability that enables one to pick up on the emotions or events connected to objects. I have this ability in a very small way: I can feel when something has been cherished for instance. But with new objects fresh from the store I don't get any such positive vibe. Most things we buy at the store are manufactured either by machines or assembly line workers who must see millions of the same product day in day out. Not a lot of room for cherishing or imbuing. That's the difference between a new mass made item and a new handmade, one-of-a-kind object. They feel different, in fact, they are different. One of the best feelings I can experience is touching a just-finished handmade piece of artwork, a painting, or carving or hand-blown glass figurine, etc. It just feels great, to come into contact with something that was handmade by a creative soul and made with love, care and dedication. There's nothing like it in this world; it's the best kind of new.

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