23 November 2007

The First Good Tie Dye

This is my first good tie dye. The colors are, in reality, much more vibrant but the camera apparently dulled them a bit. The background is deep purple (ha ha *smoke on the water fire in the sky*) with pink. I'm pretty proud of this one and I knew it was good when my brother immediately asked if he could have it. I said yes cuz that's just the kinda gal I am.


Marion said...


I just quickly glanced through your site here, and I'm off to visit your others. What an incredibly talented and creative woman you are.

There are so many stories that can be imagined with a piece of tie-dyed material.

Livia Indica said...

Wow, thanks! I've been trying hard to enliven my creative side after years of an artistic sabbatical. I'm just learning about textile art, batik and tie dye, but I'm very happy with it. It's a great outlet. Thanks for visiting.