04 November 2007

First Batiks

They're not exactly the first batiks I've ever done. But as the last batiks were done in highschool and that was over a decade ago I consider these my first batiks made in my adult life. Also, I don't have an art teacher holding my hand. So these are pretty rough. The first spiral was done with a paintbrush and, as you can see, I need to perfect my technique. I'd never used a paintbrush before so I didn't know it would make those weird mid-spiral blobs.

Both of the above batiks have been through three different dyes. But because I stupidly ironed off the first layer of wax after only the first dye most of the yellow disappeared. See? I told you it's been over 10 years and I've apparently forgotten how to do it. Now I know and will, hopefully, be producing some higher quality work soon. But I wanted to include these to showcase my eventual progress.

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