06 October 2007

Tree Philodendron

Isn't it just heartbreaking? Just about the time when I figure out what it is a big storm rolls through and snaps it like a twig. I could just scream. I'm hoping that its aerial roots will enable it to survive but even if they do it will be years before its former heights are reached. The more common name is Puerto Rico Philodendron; its scientific name is Philodendron marginatum. The name comes from the Greek: "philo" is love and "dendron" is tree. Even though the science of philodendrons is not complete still many people have them as ornamental house plants. As I have alot of plant that may soon be dying I was considering using it for medicinal purposes. So I set out to learn and quickly nixed that idea. Every part of the plant is poisonous due to calcium oxalate crystals. Such a shame this beautiful tree is down and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it.

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