22 October 2007

A Mental Mind F*&! Can Be Nice

It's not easy having a good time; even smiling makes my face ache.
Why don't they make more movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show? It's got everything a body and mind need for entertainment: Music, dancing, sex, humor, murder and one helluva floor show. It's even got tobacco and alcohol if not any good drugs. It's a Halloween tradition in my neck of the woods, watching Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon and company wiggle and giggle and dance and sing. Hell, it's almost a ritual. Of course, it's not as fun sitting in the livingroom as watching it with a crowd of toilet paper throwing, squirt gun shooting, "bitch" shouting freaks in a theater. I once knew a really short and not too attractive guy who played the role of the hot dog himself at his university; I think he's a doctor now.

Anyway, I think it's a testament to our fucked up and yet sexually repressed culture that a film featuring bisexuality had to be farcical. I wonder what a serious film dealing with free love and bisexuality would be like in this day and age. Perhaps they've even made films like that and I just haven't seen it. I admit the Bible Belt isn't a great place to broaden horizons; finding openmindedness and progressive thinking isn't easy around here. In fact, it's damn near impossible around some of these Ozarks hills. But in the greater land of these purple mountains and plains you'd think that there'd be some openmindedness sneaking into the mainstream, wouldn't you? But still, there's hubbub about gay marriage and gay parents adopting children. There's still these backwoods, dark aged minded scared silly folks who simply cannot wrap their heads around the fact that their way is not the way of everyone else and that they have no right to cram their Bibles and their "morals" down our throats and up our Constitution.

Don't get me wrong: I've got nothing against the live and let live Christian. But I'm sick of the unenlightened preachers and soccor moms and sycophantic politicians and oh-so-self-righteous, narrowminded jerks. If I could invent a time machine I'd send all these evolutionary throwbacks to the 14th century and let them rot. Maybe they wouldn't rot, maybe they'd like it. I wouldn't care, I just want them outta my country and off my planet. Perhaps I should start making a scientist and inventor of myself; I figure I can master time travel in a week or two.
Don't dream it; be it.

P.S. For those of you who might wonder, I celebrate Samhain on the actual astronomical cross-quarter which falls on November 7 this year. That's why I don't post about Samhain on Halloween. To me, they're two distinct events.

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