19 September 2007

Thunderheads of Life

The above image evokes a lot of emotions and musings for me. It's a tall, conical thunderhead reaching for the heights. It is nearly surrounded by dark storm clouds, heavy with rain and the potential for lightning and tornadoes, yet it is illuminated by the rays of the setting sun. Is it just chance that the side of the thunderhead facing the sun is free of the darker, scarier clouds? The image is deceptive, for the thunderhead, while beautiful in its sun splashed glory, is just as evil a portent as the heavy, darker clouds. And yet these clouds bring the rains as well as the storms, rain for which life cannot exist. I think of how this applies to life and I consider the deceptive qualities of life's lessons. Beauty is not synonymous with ease. Danger is not separate from benefit. Power is not limited to controlled forms. The storm that brings the nourishing rain can also destroy. Like the sunlit thunderhead what we think we see may be vastly different from what is and what will be. Those things we fear will destroy precious aspects of our lives may benefit us in the long run. Like the storm, life can be frightening at times and even destructive but out of all these painful experiences we emerge nourished by the life giving rain.

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