30 September 2007

Pagan Pride Day

Two friends and I attended the Springfield Pagan Pride Day this weekend. We had a really good time! Although this event was fairly small compared to big city events there were still upwards of 200 or 300 people attending. There were about a dozen or so vendors and several services offered like palm reading and tarot readings. The vendors had a wide variety of items for sale, everything from handmade items like jewelry, soaps and candles, afghans, lots of wood items with wood burned pagan symbols and images and beautiful glass figurines. In fact, the glass artist made various figurines on the spot all day and it was mesmerizing to watch him. His items were Pyrex and thusly much tougher than most glass figurines. He made dragons, butterflies, owls, griffons, horses and anything anyone asked for. If I'd had the money I would have bought a zillion of his wares, they were so beautiful!

There were a few herbs and voodoo items, sparkly circlets, beaded items, bath beads and a few tumbled stones and crystals. Also for sale were many pre-made items like dragon ashtrays and candleholders that can be found in most head shops or pagan-oriented shops. But there was great variety and I wished I'd brought more money! There were quite a few items raffled off for charity and entrance into the event was a non-perishable food item. There were quite a few workshops offered including ribbon magic, which I attended and enjoyed even though it was brief, a drumming workshop which blessed the event with beautiful music all day, paganism 101, metaphysical discussion and a fascinating workshop on Voodoo and Wanga Bottles. I learned a little more about hoodoo from the very knowledgeable workshop leader and had a nice time talking shop with the other women there. It wasn't held in the most comfortable spot and I got rather sunburned making my bottle, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. After I finished dressing my bottle I felt fried and hungry and we left shortly after that. (More to come about Wanga Bottles in another post.)

Looking back, I wished I'd had more time to network and enjoy the fellowship but I'm kinda shy around strangers and as I rarely leave the house it still felt good to be out and about with my kind of people. All in all, it was a very positive experience and I enjoyed it immensely.

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