28 August 2007


Botanical name: Tussilago Farfara meaning "cough dispeller"; Other names: coughwort, Hallfoot, Horsehoof and Ass's Foot, among others; habitat: Europe, particularly England; it is not found in North America; Magical Influences: Venus and the element of Water; Parts used: leaves, gathered in June/July, flowerstalks gathered in February, the flowers and root.

Upon the advice of Aquila ka Hecate I have begun learning about the herb Coltsfoot. It is one of the most popular herbs for the relief of chest congestion and the associated cough and has been throughout history. It is a demulcent, meaning it relieves the pain associated with inflammation, an expectorant, meaning it helps bring up the offending mucus, and tonic, meaning it is good for general health and prevention of chest problems or coughing. It is often given with the herbs Horehound, Marshmallow and Ground Ivy. It is also, ironically, sometimes smoked by those desiring relief from asthma, bronchitis and chest colds. This is such a common practice that many medicinal smoking blends feature Coltsfoot as the main ingredient. It is also used in tea, decoction and syrup form.

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