18 July 2007


Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, fire, lightning, dance and violence. Originally from Tahiti she was exiled from her homeland because of her bad temper and volatile personality. When she died she became a goddess and eventually found a home at Kilauea on Hawaii. She is known for frequent visits among humans and appears either as a young, tall, beautiful woman or as an aged crone. She will test people by asking for food and drink; those who deny her experience her wrath in the form of a volcano destroying their homes. She loves attending social events like dances and has an eye for the men. She can be very jealous and will fight for her favored fellow. She is a fiery, passionate, spirited goddess of enormous power and depth. Her volcanoes destroy even as they create new land just as she creates strength in mortals by forcing hardship upon them.

Pele, while not unknown to me, is a new addition to my favored goddesses. I hope to learn from her how better to control my inner fire and use it not only to burn away what must go but to create new aspects of myself. I believe there is a lot I can learn from her and look forward to receiving her wisdom for years to come.

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