06 May 2007

Beltaine Preparations

Yeah, yeah, I know, Beltaine was officially Tuesday but our pagan group is celebrating tomorrow. For our time zone, Beltaine was technically today so we're celebrating closer to the real day than others perhaps. My dad, wonderful man that he is, dug the hole for the Maypole and helped me get it in the ground. He also mowed the entire ritual area, and bought the ribbon, isn't he swell? So we've got 10 ribbons, red and white, each 12 feet long. And since the pole we used was one of older light poles that snapped in the ice storm it still had two old insulators and these kind had holes through them. So, the ribbons are tied to a 1929 insulator on top of the pole. Not traditional, but functional and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I tried to do a little work on the herb garden too, but got disgusted pretty quickly.

The killer cold snap was hard on the lavenders; they appear to be totally dead. Part of the st. john's wort is dead but it's still spreading all over the place. The thyme may be okay with, heh, time. And the chives, my superhero-worthy chives, are lush and full topped with gorgeous, and larger than usual, purple flowers. And there is now lattice up to provide a bit of privacy and shade to the ritual sitting area. It's really starting to look promising but I'll be happier when the garden isn't so full of dead plants and johnson grass.

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