26 April 2007

Birds and More Plantings

In the backyard flowerbed several hostas were planted as well as two columbines and another ornamental that's a type of coleus. We had to put lattice up around the bed, which surrounds a tree, as the other day all six dogs and one cat were sitting in it. We've had a lot of April showers lately and this evening cooled off a bit after being very steamy. I'm trying to decide which Beltaine festival I want to attend. It's a tossup between Wolvenwold and Ozark Avalon, both listed on the Missouri events page at Witchvox. I've never been to either place so I don't really know what to expect, even though their websites are quite good. I don't suppose any of my 3 readers are from Missouri and have visited Wolvenwold or Ozark Avalon? Maybe I'll get lucky.

It seems we have buzzards roosting next to our house. Just down the hill from our corn field there's a stand of trees that seems to please a group of about a dozen or so of these large, spooky birds. We've also got a lot of woodpeckers around here which is quite a change from other areas of the county, I'm still getting used to it. And I love our resident mockingbirds. We seem to have two that take turns singing various tunes. They mimic everything from other birds to trains and cell phones. And we also have two owls frequenting the same stand of trees as the buzzards. Late at night I can hear their conversation wafting through my window as I fall into sleep and dreams.

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