15 March 2007

The Spiral

Perhaps one of the oldest symbols of spirituality in the world, the spiral has been painted in caves, chiseled on standing stones, scraped into the sides of tombs and tattooed on numerous neo-pagans. It is found etched in stone the world over and on every continent. A symbol of eternity, a symbol of the ever changing cycle of life, death and rebirth and a representative of various deities. Although it is now considered more of a feminine, moon-related symbol in ancient times it was more closely associated with the sun. We know this because the spiral is often to be found strategically placed to catch the first of the sun's light on a solstice. And as the sun makes a spiral shape about every 3 months it would seem natural to associate them. There's also the somewhat labyrinthine quality to the spiral that can aid magical practitioners of every ilk. It can be a powerful meditative and magical tool, evoking deep emotions and enabling one to reach back over the millennia and share ancient man's wonder at the heavens and the cycles of life. Below is a Neolithic cairn found in Britain.

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