01 April 2007


Today is the feast day of Luna, Roman personification of the moon. She was a rough equivalent to the Greek goddess Selene and was later linked with Hecate and Artemis. Her temple was erected in the 6th century BCE on the Aventine Hill. On this night it was illuminated all night and she was called Noctiluna. During the great fire that raged through the city during the reign of Nero (who did not play a violin as they hadn't been invented yet) the Temple of Luna was destroyed. Luna is the goddess of the moon and thus also in charge of the ocean tides and menstruation. She is also influential in the field of dreams and is a great weaver of nocturnal mysteries. As a great goddess the cycles of birth and death are also within her realm of control. She is the counterpart to Helios of the sun and is thus something of a forerunner to the modern Wiccan conception of the Goddess. From Aradia, Gospel of the Witches:

Luna, Luna, beautiful Luna

Fairer than any star

Luna, O Luna, if it may be

Bring good fortune unto me!

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