07 March 2007

First Group Ritual

We had our first group ritual this weekend and I think it went pretty well. It was very simple and comfortable. The outdoor ritual area is going to work out fine, except for the pole light. It's very distracting from the moon and sky. But we're gonna have to get used to it as it will cost a fortune to replace it with a light that can be turned off. There are just four of us in the group, for now anyway, and amazingly enough we each correspond to a different element. I'm water/west, Lil' Red is earth/north, V is east/air and Big T is fire/south. And since there are just us we could all say something and each walk the circle and participate in our own way.

Our altar is a gorgeous old slab of marble on top of two big chunks of a tree that we had to cut down after the ice storm. And in the four corners we have more tree trunk chunks on which to set various elemental items. It's very earthy, very country and just plain feels good. I'm looking forward to witchyfying the ritual area, which is in an old cattle corral, with hanging goddess rocks, wind chimes, feathers and other things. I've already got a few things out there but I'm hoping to have more decorations and good luck charms, etc. from the rest of the group. At our next meeting we're gonna work on the indoor ritual area at Big T and Lil' Red's house. I don't think I can express how positive I feel about this group.

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