01 March 2007

Herbs and Vodka

I made some vodka and herb tinctures a while back and I've finally decided they're ready for use. Tinctures, the way I make them, are herb packed jars filled with 80 proof or better vodka. Some folks say they only need about 6 weeks to cure but that just doesn't seem very long to me. So mine have been sitting in the dark for over a year. I'm only a beginner and I'll be the only one ingesting these potions. Here's what I've got to work with and how I plan to utilize them:

Dill tincture: reduce menstrual cramps

Marigold tincture: menstrual regulator

Lemon balm tincture: helps nervous stomach; helps depression, anxiety; eases tension headaches

Common plantain tincture: aides gastric inflammation, diarrhea; aides respiratory problems

Rosemary tincture: relieves headaches, migraine and indegestion

Sage tincture: antiseptic; reduces lactation; uterine stimulant (never to be ingested by a pregnant woman)

Thyme tincture: expectorant

St. John's Wort, flower tincture: antidepressant

My preferred way of ingesting these tinctures is to dissolve a half-dozen or so drops in a small glass of water a few times a day. It's just easier on the stomach that way. Please be advised the above herbs have other uses and there are also probably contraindications involved. So don't go using my feeble attempts at herbal wellness as some sort of medical guide. If you want to learn more about herbal healing, visit Susun Weed's Wise Woman Way.

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